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Gallery Undertaci

gallery undertaci

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About Us

Gallery UnderTa€i is located in the center of Aarhus with the magnificent view of the harbor, the gallery consists of over 150 unique square meters of exhibition space in both front and back exhibition spaces.Today the gallery is among the most distinct and exciting galleries in Aarhus that  Present a strong team of contemporary national- and international artists, and are constantly keeping up to date with the new strong tendencies in art on a global scale.

During the year the gallery presents exciting art exhibitions with an edge, depth and a high technical level, - solo exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, art events and customized company events  One of our main interests and goals is to use our art and reputation in the most positive way , as a benefit  we work with various organizations, where we use our platform – mainly our Gallery UnderTaci – to help others. Good examples are HeadOn and YoungConnect: two organizations working with helping young person to avoid getting into crime, drugs or other unhappy lives in Denmark. Together we provide meaningful activities, seminars and various art projects. All is at a low fee, where we donate an amount to charity or pro Bono.We welcome you to an extraordinary art experience!


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skovvejen 20, 8000, Aarhus C, Denmark

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday: 12-6

Saturday and Sunday: 11-3

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